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December 13, 2010
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Moiraine Damodred by fee-absinthe Moiraine Damodred by fee-absinthe
I just started reading the Wheel of Time book series, by Robert Jordan, and loved it! So I decided to portrait the main characters (well, women, because I suck at drawing men xD) of the books i've already read: The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt.

This is Moiraine Damodred, a kick-ass Aes Sedai from the Blue Ajah! At first I didn't know whether i loved her or not, but as the books went on I decided that i did. For more info, check here: [link]

I got *a little* inspired on the staff, with all the branches in a sort of Art Nouveauish way and maybe got a little too far but, bah, it looks nice to me xD.

Well, as always, just a plain sketch in pencil on fabriano paper, scanned and edited to add a little colour in Photoshop.

Moiraine Damodred: Robert Jordan
Art: Moi
Texture: :iconcloaks:

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TnSabregirl Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012
These are great! I hope, if you haven't yet finished reading the Wheel of Time, that you will do so and be inspired to produce still more art. Great stuff.
fee-absinthe Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thank you! I'll try to upload more WoT fanart soon. I already finished reading Towers of Midnight and I'm so excited about next book!
TnSabregirl Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012
Fantastic! I'll look forward to that. :-)
AmylaineSedai Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011
Woaaa love this one! It's always nice to see someone drawing her so beautifully, she's just so awesome! Thank you!!
Ha! Wouldn't it be fun to see Mo really wearing a dress so revealing? XD
fee-absinthe Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011  Professional General Artist
I thought about that, the dress I mean, too. I always pictured her (and most of Aes Sedai but Greens) wearing circumspect dresses, always covering her up to her chin, but well... They may not be that comfortable for riding or the heat...

Thank you for the compliments! And indeed, Moiraine is awesome xD
Mercutia81 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011
very very very beautiful!!!
fee-absinthe Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011  Professional General Artist
Thank you! I'm glad you like it n_n
Mercutia81 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011
yeah!!! Nyn is perfect too!!!
liverella Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2010
awesome moiraine! i like her expression too.
MaltheusTheSkourge Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2010
Yeah! Moiraine is epic! She can definitley make some trollocs and myrddraal wish they'd never met her! ;)

Also, nice detailing on the staff.
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